Marble Flooring Advantages And Disadvantages

For centuries now, marble flooring was used for residential homes. This was mainly because of availability in the past as marble did stand out as a sign of luxury. The problem is that there are some obvious advantages and disadvantages associated with marble flooring. It is always important to be aware of both before you decide whether or not this is something that you want to use in your house.

Advantages Of Marble Flooring

You can get Marble in various different designs, colors and patterns. This means that the number of designs available is huge. You can easily find something that looks beautiful and elegant with marble. The finish is smooth when polished and because of the fact that the material is translucent, if exposed to sunlight, the floor glows, with room radiance automatically increased.

Marble flooring is highly favorable for the hot climates because of the cold underfoot offered. Also, due to the soft nature of the material, exact dimensions can be used for tiles, with edges that can easily be shaped or molded. Marble tile joints are easily matched and you end up with a much software appearance than what you get with granite.

Marble is eco-friendly and during manufacture, there are no chemical processes that are used. This is a material that is degradable and looks excellent in the event that it is mirror polished. The look you get is always pleasing when veins are matched.

When you choose marble, fire resistance is really high and you end up with flooring that is really easy to clean.

Last but not least, marble flooring stands out as being really long-lasting and durable. It can easily withstand a lot of external pressure. Sudden weight changes will be handled, making the material suitable for areas with a lot of foot traffic, like a hotel or a restaurant.

Disadvantages Of Marble Flooring

Example of marble flooring cracks being repaired.

When you lay marble flooring, it can look unpleasant and awkward when you are not skilled. You need to work with a professional since marble is completely natural, with each individual piece being unique. During winter, flooring will get quite cold so you may have problems if you decide to walk barefoot on it in a colder environment.

One of the biggest disadvantages of marble flooring is that it is expensive. There are not many flooring materials that will cost more. Also, it should be known that much waste appears when cutting marble. This is needed to match veins, sizing and designs.

Keep in mind that marble is one natural material that will react with acids. This can lead to stains. At the same time, the material is porous. This means that it is easy to end up with stains because of liquid spillage. If you drop sauces, juices, coffee, curry, tea and so on, you will end up with a stain. Also, marble is softer than what many think. It is really susceptible to scratches that appear due to the impact with hard or sharp objects. This is especially the case with Italian marble, which is even softer.

Marble flooring installation will take time and only skilled laborers should be considered for such a project. Also, for the homeowner, maintenance and proper care are needed. For instance, you periodically need to polish it.

As time passes, marble will become yellowish, especially when more iron content is present. You will find it difficult to choose high-quality marble simply based on appearance. Whenever buying marble flooring, you have to be sure an experienced professional makes the choice.

When wet, marble floors will be really slippery. This is a true hazard and it is really easy to end up faced with accidental falls. You will find it difficult to replace or change flooring after it is installed since it will be really difficult to locate matching pieces in a few years after initial installation. You thus may need to buy more than initially imagined.

Final Thoughts

Marble flooring will offer a truly timeless and classic look but costs are pretty high. Also, the other disadvantages mentioned above can be really important for many homeowners. Be sure that you consider both the advantages and disadvantages of marble flooring before making a final choice.