How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home

When you have mice infestation, you need to act fast. You should seriously consider contacting a professional pest control service too since they are much better equipped than you to deal with mice. However, if you want to get rid of mice alone, here are some very important tips to consider.

Eliminate All Entry Points

You need to rodent-proof your home to keep them out in the first place. When you eliminate all easy access and entry points, you take a very important first step towards protecting your house. Unfortunately, this can be quite difficult because mice can easily squeeze themselves even through very small openings of 1/4 inches and above. Basically, when you can fit a pencil through an opening, hole, or crack, the mouse can enter the home.

Mouse Traps

We are sure that you know the fact that mice traps can be very effective. They will be useful when dealing to light to moderate populations. However, most homeowners underestimate mice populations. Actually, you may want to lay down around 10 traps to capture a single mouse.

Another thing we should highlight is that you should not use the violent traps everyone is used with. There are many traps that can simply capture the mice or kill them in a humane way.

Choose Suitable Bait For Your Mouse Traps

The best bait is actually the food that mice already got used to inside the home. Also, you can go for some mouse-approved favorites, like peanut butter, oatmeal, bacon, chocolate, hazelnut spread, or dried fruits.

The bait should be properly tied to the trigger. Using dental floss or fishing lines is usually enough. It is also possible to use hot glue guns to secure the bait. Make sure you replace your bait every couple of days. When the food does not work, nesting materials can be tried, like feathers or cotton balls.

Carefully Place Your Mouse Traps

Traps should be placed in a perpendicular alignment with your walls. The trigger section should face the baseboard because mice can directly run into the bait and not end up prematurely triggered.

Keep in mind that mice do not travel over 20 feet from their nesting areas and food sources. This is why the traps should be placed in the areas where you see mice infestation signs, like droppings. Trap locations can be changed every couple of days when they do not work.

Don’t Forget About The Mice Outside The Home

The last advice we should offer is that you need to remove the debris around the home since mice can hide there. Weeds should be kept at a minimum. As soon as you notice nesting areas or burrows, remove them. The foundation of the home should be lined with heavy gravel to prevent burrowing and nesting. When there is less clutter and debris present around your property and your home, it is quite easy to find rodent activity and even stop mice from coming in.

Final Thoughts

As already mentioned, you can try to remove mice alone but it is simply much better to look for a local pest control removal specialist. For instance, if you live in Calgary, just use Google to find a reliable mice control pest control agency. This is the only way to guarantee that mice will not come back and will be entirely removed.