How to Style Your Coffee Table

No matter your style – minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between – your coffee table should reflect it. Here are a few easy styling tips to ensure it remains on-point and Instagram-worthy.

One of the fundamental rules of coffee table styling is using different heights on different pieces to add depth and visual interest to a room.

1. Keep it simple

When styling your coffee table, simplicity is key. That doesn’t mean going without decorations–just that they shouldn’t overwhelm it with excessive accents.

Focus on selecting a few key objects that will create visual balance within your decor and tie all the components together.

Instead of scattering items across your table, consider using a tray or lidded box to hold everything you wish to display. This will keep them contained while also making arranging easier – and allow for a seamless arrangement without worrying about where everything sits on the table!

2. Think outside the box

If you’re in the market for a coffee table makeover, there are a few tricks you can employ that will ensure its aesthetic beauty. Before diving in though, be mindful of how it will actually be used and any decorating goals.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to create an aesthetically pleasing coffee table is to think outside the box. Group items into a grid formation.

Interior designers recommend breaking up a square coffee table into four quadrants and placing items into each. This creates an organized but dynamic display, providing a striking focal point.

3. Play with height

One effective strategy for creating balanced coffee table styling is varying the heights of items displayed – try stacking books on top of a vase as an example!

Create a dynamic display with layers and visual interest by doing this.

Add height when styling a coffee table by displaying large sculptural objects on it, such as antique silver boxes or busts. They may provide added visual interest.

If you’re confused about how to play with height when styling your coffee table, follow the rule of three. Divide it into quadrants and adjust each quadrant’s contents until a balance has been found between elements in each section of your table.

4. Create a focal point

When styling a coffee table, it can be helpful to create a focal point that draws the eye. This could come from one object such as a candle or even multiple items which work together to define its overall aesthetic.

Suzanne Kasler, one of our interior designers, makes use of antique globes gathered together into an eye-catching arrangement on her coffee table. As she notes: “I love collecting things I find interesting or unique to add interest.”

5. Add a pop of color

Add a pop of color to your coffee table for instantaneous impact and personality in any space! Consider incorporating seasonal hues, or keep things classic by using classic accent pieces such as bowls and vases that can easily be updated with flowers.

Arranging coffee table decor using items of various heights and widths is another effective way to add depth and dimension. Use trays, vases, and candles in various heights for an eye-catching arrangement that feels balanced yet dynamic at the same time.

6. Keep it clean

Coffee tables often become overrun with items that are simply collecting dust. This cluttering can leave them looking and feeling disorganized and overcrowded; maintaining a clean table it is vitally important.

When choosing objects to style a coffee table, select objects of various sizes and textures to achieve an inviting yet cohesive appearance. By mixing smooth textures with rough ones and neutral ones, a balanced look can be created.

Regular dusting won’t do enough to rid wood furniture of dirt and grime, so be proactive about maintaining your coffee table by cleaning it regularly using a microfiber cloth and mild soapy water solution. A microfiber cloth and mild soapy water solution should do just fine at getting rid of stains and dirt on your wooden coffee table.