Understanding Cottage Style Décor

Cottage style design is not just about living in woods or right by the sea. It is characterized by unique personal touches and a clean look. It is enough to look at images of cottage style décor and you can easily understand why it lasted for ages. This style will not disappear anytime soon.


If you are interested in cottage style décor, here are some tips to help you achieve just that. The advice below will make your home calmer.

Pick Light Color Palettes

Cottage style can be boiled down to creating bright, airy and light spaces. Whenever you design such a room, it is a primary consideration to do just that. Everything starts with a color palette. Cottage interiors do have a true eclectic edge so color is a factor that is unifying and strong.

You want to start with the use of a neutral base. Clean whites work great for this. You build the design around the white look so you get a sophisticated and simple feel. When this is the route you choose, play around so you use various shapes, patterns and shades for variety.

When you do not like the cottage all-white look, the primary color palettes are good. They just need to be in softer shades. Try using some colors like cornflower yellow or raspberry so visual interest can be added to that neutral foundation.

Use Eclectic Furniture

Interiors designed in the cottage style showcase every single element in the sense that it has a backstory. This is especially the case with furniture. You want to forgo the unified sets so that you can hand-pick some eclectic pieces that are going to catch your eye.

Cottage furniture does have a vintage feel that you can appreciate. Find great buys by thinking out-of-the-box. Sources like local antique stores, yard sales, flea markets and thrift shops are great. You may find some great treasures there.

After you bring what you bought home, some coats of paint can tie them together. You want to choose the shade that fits well. You can also add some slip covers.

Use Unifying Patterns

Image from: Karen Joy Interiors

You want to add pattern to bring everything together in cottage style design. Floral patterns, for instance, are quite popular. However, to make everything more modern, you can go for geometric pattern or chevron.

Cottage style is all about comfort so you can work patterns into rooms with ease by the use of textiles. You can bring the entire space together by focusing on different throw rugs, blankets, pillows and seat cushions. This makes the space inviting and warm.

Use Accessories

Image From: The Cottage Journal

Whenever talking about accessories, it is generally a good idea to use restraint. However, in cottage style décor, this is not actually the case. Such interiors are meant to feel cozy. You want to display the most prized items in your possession. However, at the same time, you can also display the items that are less important.

The cottage interior is great when housing practically anything from reclaimed décor elements to personal collections. Be sure that surfaces are styled purposely instead of having everything thrown together. The most important part is to create a grouping, or more.

Designers recommend that you stick to groups of items that are odd-numbered. Play with the arrangements when it comes to heights and directions. When you are stuck, look for design inspirations and patterns online.

Cottage style design is very attractive and has been around for so many years. It is a traditional take on the shabby chic style, a perfect option if you want to create an area of relaxation, one that is away from everyday life stress.