How To Find A Kitchen Style You Will Love

Whenever planning kitchen remodeling, inspiration is something that is needed. In so many cases, people are stuck because of the fact that they do not actually know where to start looking for their own kitchen style, the one they will love.

As you start working on kitchen remodeling projects, hours upon hours are spent collecting images. This does not really help you to figure out the style that you are going to love. In most cases, looking at countless pictures just causes confusion.


What you have to do when you want to find your kitchen style is to narrow down options while finding inspiration for a kitchen style that you would simply love. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Gather Your Inspiration

  • Collect Images

Think about a way in which you can organize images. The idea is to have one place where you would save images you would love for inspiration purposes. Obviously, you will find countless images, sometimes thousands. Just save them for a later point in time.

  • Do Not Edit Your Ideabook

By collecting many images, you practically build an ideabook. Do not start editing, removing and adding images at the same time. This only makes the entire process confusing.

  • Organize The Ideabook

As you categorize your images, it is normal to be messy and unorganized. However, this does not mean you cannot organize photos. This is definitely an optional step and you just need to do it if you are the kind that loves organization.

  • Start Looking For Professionals

As you organize your kitchen style ideabook, it is a great time to also look for professionals that you could contact in the future. Write down their names if you find projects they designed that you love so you can interview them later. In some cases, people find it better to just hire an interior designer from the start. This can definitely be considered.

Categorize Your Photos

After you have as many images as you think are enough, it is time to start putting them into categories. The categories can be loose, by style or whatever criteria you see fit.

Edit Selections

Go back through the images you saved after some time. This helps you to see if you are still interested in them. It is possible that your tastes change as you look at thousands of images, all without you even realizing that this happens.

As you edit your ideabook (basically delete the images you do not like) you end up with a smaller selection. Your perfect kitchen style might become visible really fast.

Focus On Your Intention

Up until now, you randomly collected the images, then categorized them and deleted those that you did not love. It is time to review the images and look for various items. Focus on them one at a time. Maybe you are interested in the glass-front cabinets or the island lighting. As you focus on the elements, you quickly figure out that those lovely kitchens are made out of so many different things that you surely appreciate.

As an example, instead of looking at cabinet style or wall color, look at crown molding that makes the transition between hoods and beams. Get as specific as possible with your analysis. Make notes for every single photo and delete those that do not really speak to you, again.