How To Tell If Your House Has Foundation Problems

The home is a large investment for every single person out there. You always want it to be in a really good condition so that you can have that big return on the investment made. If foundation problems appear, your entire investment is affected.

It is always really important to fix any identified foundation problem really early. This is because when the problem persists, it keeps getting more and more expensive to repair. Due to this, it is really important to know as much as possible about foundation issues, including how to recognize that they might exist and some solutions that are available.

Foundation Problem Issues

In most situations, the problem is that water reached the foundation. Whenever there is too much water present, the soil expands. The typical water source is a plumbing leak but it is also possible that water comes from snow, rain and water that drains from the home’s roof. At the same time, in the event there is not enough water present around the house, settlement and shrinkage can appear.


It should be added that soil can be a problem when the house is constructed. If a house is built on different soil types, it is possible to be faced with uneven shifting and settling. Foundations can shift when soil starts to erode.

Foundation Problem Signs

There are some pretty obvious signs that there are foundation problems. The common ones are below.


  • Present between floors and walls
  • Present between the ceiling and walls
  • Present above the kitchen cabinets
  • Present between pavement and garage door

Cracks present around or on:

  • Moldings
  • Floors
  • Bricks
  • Fireplace
  • Foundation

Other signs that a foundation problem might be present include:

  • Having cabinet doors that will not stay close anymore.
  • Having windows and/or doors that do not completely close.

Dealing With Foundation Problems

When a minor crack appears, the fix is really simple. You do need to contact a professional but usually, the expense is around $500. If the foundation is sinking, things are much more serious. Such a problem can be fixed in 2 ways:

  • Piercing – an expensive fix that can cost thousands.
  • Jacking – done with mud or slab combined with water, sand and cement.

It is always important to contact an experienced structural engineer so that foundation problem cause can be identified. The specialist will also suggest the best possible repair.

Avoiding Foundation Problems

It is always better to be prepared and do what it takes to avoid foundation problems. The most important thing that you have to do is to reduce how much water reaches the soil surrounding and under your home. This can be done in many different ways. You identify problem areas and solve them. For instance, if your gutters are clogged, drainage is no longer proper and you have to fix this problem.

Due to the fact that soil contracts and expands based on moisture, soaker hose systems can be used to control moisture.

Another thing that you can do is look at what trees are planted near the home. Poplar, elm, willow and oak are pretty popular but not recommended since they absorb much water. This would dry out the soil and can lead to different foundation problems. It is always better to plant such trees away from the home.