IKEA Launches Furniture Line For Pets

IKEA is the go-to store when you need things around the home but until now it did not offer much in terms of pet furniture. Thankfully for pet lovers from around the world, this is soon about to change. IKEA finally launches a cats and dogs furniture line with the simple tagline:

Finally for cats and dogs too

The large chain is now aiming to change things with the Lurvig pet furniture line. In Swedish Lurvig means “hairy” and now we have access to a range that includes many items you would want from couch covers to scratching posts, cat tunnels and dog beds.


The official plan is to roll out the IKEA Lurvig pet furniture collection in Japan, US, France and Canada. The rest of the countries are going to receive the furniture around March 2018.

See the entire collection on the IKEA catalog page.