Choosing The Best Work Desk For Your Office

how to choose a work desk

Do You Know How To Choose The Best Work Desk For Your Office?

Believe it or not, most people do not. They just pick a general work desk and have no idea how to choose one that would actually be great for them.

Remember the fact that a good work desk can make everything better while a bad one can easily make you hate your job. We are not even exaggerating with this one.

Fortunately, most work desks out there are standard size and they are good for most uses. However, if you really want to choose the very best work desk for your office, there are some things that have to be considered. This is what we will talk about in the following paragraphs.

How Will The Desk Be Used?

This is a question that you need to ask and that few people ever consider. It does influence the choice you make.

  • Mostly Computer Work

Buy a workstation or a desk that is specifically created for computer use. When you have to use the PC, your desk needs to have a compartment that will hold the computer underneath or on it. The presence of built-in wiring channels or holes is something you need since it helps you to keep your cords out of the way.

  • Paperwork-generating

You should choose a workstation or a desk that has a lot of space available so that you can easily accommodate bulky books, important papers and spreadsheets. A desk that has overhead cabinet space or shelving can also be considered.

  • Computer work, meetings and paperwork

When you do all of these, the L-shaped computer desk is useful since it helps you to do both work and have meetings. When there is enough space available and you have the money, the U-shaped desk offers even more space. It also makes quite a great impression for guests and clients.

  • When working at home

The computer armoire is great so you can hide home work clutter. The L-shaped desks are great and are perfect for most people that work at home and need to share some space in a room like a family room or a bedroom.

  • When tight on space

In this case, a mobile computer cart or a compact computer work desk is better.

Think About Workstyle Habits And The Tools You Use

Do you often find yourself surrounded by a messy working environment? If this is the case, you need more desk space than the individual that is very neat. The neatniks often find the smaller desk enough for work needs.

You should also think about the tools that are needed to get the job done. Everything you need should be easy to reach.

Space And Ergonomics

Choose your work desk based on the following:

  • The desk needs to offer enough clearance for your legs. The standard desks have a height of around 30 inches and offer more than enough for most people. Those that need more leg space have to go for a higher desk.
  • Behind the desk you need around 3.5 feet of space. This should also be needed in-between the desk and another office item. If you have a guest, space is also needed in front od the desk.  
  • For the computer user, a keyboard should be put at a height that is comfortable. If the desk is a traditional one of a standard size, you might end up with significant muscle strain or discomfort. The computer desks are better since they include a keyboard platform or their legs can be adjusted. The keyboard platform also needs to hold a computer mouse.
  • All Desktop equipment has to be easy to reach and you need enough space to be share that the desktop is not overloaded.
  • When there are sharp edges on the desk, wrist pads might be needed to prevent problems.

The Desk Surface

Popular options include:

  • Laminate

This is the most popular surface for work desks. Plastic finish is practically applied to a core made out of wood. Laminate finishing is durable, affordable and can withstand much more than veneer or just wood. You can also choose out of many wood grain patterns and colors. The laminate should be high pressure and thick.

  • Steel or Metal

This is a great option if what you need is durability. It does not look professional but the price is reasonable and long-term heavy use is practically guaranteed. The better-quality desks are really easy to assess by yourself.

  • Veneer or Wood

The veneer or wood desks are normally very attractive for people. However, they are more delicate and more expensive. It is really easy to nick them so they are not at all suitable for heavy use.

Durability And Quality

You can easily check the quality of the desk when you look at the drawers. The metal suspension rollers have a very sturdy suspension. All drawers need to easily open and close even if weight is present. Drawers should optimally slide out to a full length in order to allow easy space utilization.

Make sure that you check the desk’s edges and corners. Fraying should not be present. Then, check desk warranty to check life expectancy and expected quality.

The Stand-Up Desk

Because of the fact that sitting for hours can easily lead to back problems, you may want to consider the stand-up desk. It allows you to stand up while you work. So many users say that this makes them more productive and alert. You can also use a desk stool in a conjunction with the stand-up desk.


Nowadays, there is absolutely no reason why you should just use a table with chairs since there are countless desk options that are available. Most of them are available at reasonable prices and can be bought at office supply stores. Think about the facts that were mentioned above and you can choose a better work desk.