Innovative Seating Created With Clever Surface Projection

This seating is created with inspiration taken from Throws, which are normally blankets that are casually spread across lounge chairs, sofas or just thrown on them to create a comfortable and snug experience. Basically, they are a product in themselves so Alex Boem turned the pliable-fabric property of the throws into inspiration for a chair design.

Throws is inspired by how the fabric assumes furniture shape when being used. Boem took advantage of surface projection to then turn it into seating. The appearance is very much like that of a 2D mesh that is put on a 3D object.

We can say that these chairs look great even if they have such a weird and uncommon construction. The chairs create an illusion based on the viewing angle. If you look at the chair from the top, it looks just like a 2D grid. When you shift your point of view, you see a 3D form. This leads to you seeing the very comfortable chair, even if appearance is not what you would expect.