Interior Designer Vs Architect – Which One To Choose?

If you want to make some home improvements, you have to hire an interior designer or an architect. Such professionals help you to end up with the design that you are thinking about and you can solve all the problems that you do have. The problem is that both the architect and the interior designer will perform some similar tasks. However, these two are not the same. You want to know the differences between architects and interior designers in order to make a good choice.

Architecture Versus Interior Design

The architecture mainly works on the structure of your home. This includes:

  • General space function.
  • Interior floorplans.
  • Exterior design.

The interior designer focuses on the inside of the building. This covers:

  • Finishes – like countertops and flooring.
  • Colors.
  • Layout.

You can hire both to develop floorplans and carry out remodeling projects. In some situations, you need to hire architects, but the interior designer is not always necessary.

Architectural Interior Design

As you look for who to hire, it is possible that you find professionals that label themselves as architectural interior designers. Such professionals normally have an interior design degree and know local building codes. They also know a lot about drafting floorplans.

The architect is not the same thing as the architectural designer. The designers are practically professionals that have extra experience and work to get an architecture license.

Interior Design Architects

Because of the fact that there are overlaps between careers, architects do offer interior design services. A professional can have certifications and degrees in both these fields. If you find such a professional, he/she is qualified to create remodeling plans and new buildings. They do have a really refined eye for style and color.

Designer Or Architect? Things To Consider

  • Cost Differences

If you want to hire an architect, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $8,500. If you want to hire the interior designer, you can expect to cost $2,000 to $11,000. Differences often relate to unique roles in the building project. The architect can spend hours developing and devising blueprints. All this can be done without being involved in construction. The designer often spends more time working on improvements.

  • Education, Licenses And Certifications

An architect needs a 4 years or higher degree coming from an accredited institution. Then, licensing is needed. The interior designer can also have a 4-year degree but a 2-year degree is also possible. Licensing is needed if the state demands this.

Architects Versus Building Designers

Architects, interior designers and building designers are really similar. The big difference between them is how much they are involved and when they are involved in the process. The architects work more in the beginning of a project and the designer works all throughout the project. The certified professional building designer has a degree and tends to cost less when hired. Generally, building designers do the following:

  • Draft blueprints.
  • Draft residential design for remodel projects or new homes.
  • Help select and request contractor bids.
  • Oversee construction – can take place during every single stage of the project.

A home designer can work with licensed architects in order to be sure that created plans meet the local building standards.