Signs You Need To Replace The Roof

Roof replacements are often not considered by homeowners. This is due to the fact that investment is usually major. If you want to install a new roof, you often end up paying around $7,500, or a lot more, based on various obvious factors like material chosen and roof size. Also, contractors do change more in some areas.

Whenever replacing the roof, the project is large and can run several days, sometimes even weeks. If you want to do everything alone, everything takes even more time.


Keep in mind that when the roof is not replaced as wear signs first appear, the repairs tend to be a lot more in the long run. A really common problem that can appear is having water seep in under shingles. This can lead to huge structural damages. Leaks can end up reaching the home, where mold appears as a result. At the same time, if the roof is old, it most likely does not look that great, not modern and not appreciated by many homeowners.

With all these things in mind, here are some clear signs that the roof has to be replaced. When you see them, it is time to seriously consider looking for contractors for roof replacements.

Shingles Look Worn

This is the easiest way to know that the roof has to be replaced. You can quickly figure out that there is a problem when signs like the following appear:

  • Shingle edges look like a cup or are curled.
  • Bald patches are visible.
  • Cracked shingles are present.

Basically, whenever the roof looks like it is worn out, it is definitely time to seriously consider replacing it.

The Presence Of Moss

This is another key sign you need to be aware of. When you see moss appearing between shingles or on them, even in the event that the quality of the roof seems to be good enough, it is time to seriously consider a replacement. Moss is quite a serious potential problem. It is not actually a sign that you have to quickly replace the roof but it can be a clear hint that hidden damage is present.

If moss is present and it rains, it absorbs water, just like the sponge. Shingles need to allow the water to roll off roofs, right straight towards gutters. As moss is there, moisture cannot go where it should go. Shingles end up being broken down in time. At the same time, water can seep right into the layers present under shingles. Mold growth and water damage often appear.

The important thing to remember about moss is that when it is present, a roofing contractor should be called. A specialist can tell you if there are hidden dangers you are not aware of or can at least clean the roof and remove the moss.

Roof Age

Roof age is a clear sign that you might need to replace the roof. You have to keep this in mind since roofs that are older than twenty years old should actually be replaced. Asphalt shingles are a great example of this. They do last around 20 years and have to be replaced after.

While there are materials that do last longer, like concrete, clay, copper and state, you still need to be aware of whether or not the roof is just too old.

As an extra thing to remember, keep in mind that you are making a really large investment whenever replacing your roof. Due to this, it is a really good idea to choose a material that is highly durable. Metal roofing is always something to consider. You are faced with a higher cost up-front but the roof lasts for a longer period of time. If properly planned, the roof might not even have to be replaced, ever again, with good maintenance, of course.