Bathroom Upgrades You Should Seriously Consider If You Want Increased Home Value

Most homeowners see the kitchen as the most important part of the home. Bathrooms often get neglected but they are so important. Poorly planned bathrooms can instantly make you feel horrible about your entire home. At the same time, bathroom renovations are expensive.

When you build the home, it is quite important that you get things right from the start with the bathroom. The builder needs to present a standard list of options and upgrades to consider. Do you know which ones add home value?


The most important thing for a bathroom is to be functional. Choose appropriate bathroom upgrades, like those highly recommended below.

Master Bathroom Addition

When a floorplan has a master bathroom, it is an option you need to take. The master bathrooms are highly durable and add resale value. When you do not have a master bathroom, it is a really good idea to talk to an architect in order to get one designed. The master bathroom is definitely something that should be seen as a must-have. Adults have a great place where to relax, even if the investment is a serious one.

Basement Plumbing Addition

Image Source: Armchair Builder

If you can add basement plumbing as you build the home, the addition is quite easy and cheap. You just need to make an extra payment so the builder adds what is needed. The upgrade is not one that is seen as being exciting for most homeowners. Even in the event that you do not finish the bathroom, it is still something that you can do in the future. As you are ready for the process to be finished, ripping out walls or breaking up concrete for plumbing installation is not needed. You just have to add bathroom fixtures as plumbing is already there.

Flooring And Tiles

Tiles are not at all easy to replace. Usually, a major demolition project is necessary. This is why most people just put off the project and decide to live with the tiles that they have, sometimes tiles they hate. Never settle for the standard tiles, unless you like them. This is because in the future, when you want to replace tiles, everything becomes time-consuming and costly.

All upgraded surfaces will enhance bathroom appearance, making it special. Think about it just as you do with flooring. Always choose materials that are attractive and long-lasting. Fixtures and paint color can easily be changed in the future. This is not the case with flooring and tiles.

Add Extra Storage

Adding extra storage to your bathroom is definitely something that increases curb appeal. This is because you can never have enough storage in a bathroom. Initially, you will be tempted to think this is not needed but it can be a huge lifestyle improvement. Think about built-in shelving, organizers and extra cabinets. All of these will make the bathroom a retreat, as opposed to a truly cluttered room.

Add Better Lighting

No matter how you put it, builder-grade lighting is awful. Normally, you get some over-the-mirror cheap lights and that is about it. Try to upgrade bathroom lighting and you will instantly get increased resale value. Whenever possible, opt for LED lights as they are just better.