Kitchen Diner Area Design Tips

In this article I am going to give you some tips on how to make yourself a really great kitchen diner area.

  1. Think about the size and layout

If you want to add more size to your kitchen, than you should keep in mind some tips. First of all rectangular rooms are arguably the norm when it comes to kitchen diner. When is carefully zoned, this room will work best for you. Another solution for you is the L-shaped arrangement. You will manage to do a separation between the kitchen and the dining spaces if you choose this layout.

  1. Lighting is important

The kitchen is a really complex space to light in the house and you should think of a well-designed lighting scheme. You can include task lighting, ambient lighting and even accent lighting. You should also think about all of the activities that will happen in this room. If you kids will do homework in this room, you can add an additional source of light.

  1. Plan for extraction

The smells will usually be a problem in the kitchen and it is a really good idea to plan for extraction before starting to design your kitchen. You should choose a ducted hood which will remove the air to the exterior. Keep in mind that the size of the hob will need to be the same width as the cooker hoods. The ducting needs to be short and straight.

  1. Natural lighting

The kitchen is usually one of the most used rooms in the house and you should keep in mind to add natural lighting if you can. Daylight will reduce the need of artificial lighting. In darker rooms, you can go with gloss kitchen units.

  1. Zoning

This will help you in doing different activities with ease. If you like moving from one activity to another without feeling like you are in the kitchen, than there are a few ways of zoning a kitchen diner. Using a kitchen island is a great idea to separate the cooking space from the eating space. You can use dim lights to create different moods, and you can also create higher and lower zones in your kitchen.

  1. Flooring

In this case you have to choose between using the same floor running creating a sense of cohesion or choose the hard wearing kitchen floor. Lime-Stone is a great floor choice for a kitchen.

  1. Kitchen Clutter

You shouldn`t relax next to dirty pans and plates, this is why you can take these tips into consideration:

  • Design sliding partition doors that can be easily closed in order to hide the view to the kitchen
  • Set your dining space at a different high to the kitchen
  1. Connect with garden

If you will place the kitchen diner at the rear of the house you will enjoy the view. This way you will make the garden more accessible. You can incorporate some French doors. You can also choose the bi-fold or sliding doors too.