Luxury Fitness Equipment By PENT

Most fitness equipment looks dull and will not be added to any modern room design. PENT wants to change this through its bespoke fitness furniture line. It is tailored for people that love fitness and interior design, with every single item offered looking stunning.

PENT offers some fitness furniture lines that use upscale materials and really elegant lines. Furniture is functional and beautiful at the same time. The materials chosen include stainless steel, walnut wood and only high quality solutions. We thus have fitness equipment that is visually appealing and hygienic. This is quite rare.

We particularly loved the attention to detail and the quality workmanship. Since the success of the line is pretty high at the moment, new items will be developed, including a fitness bench line, pictured below, together with others from the collection.

PENT luxury equipment lkuxury dumbbells

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