Top 3 Most Expensive Chairs in The World

These are the most expensive chairs in the world, those that only the rich and powerful can afford. Even they may have some problems in this case.

How much would you pay for a chair? Most of us would only go as high as around $2,000. In order to put your hands on the top 3 most expensive chairs in the world you will need to spend a whole lot more than that.

Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Chair – $968,000

Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Chair

Just as the name suggests, the chair is the work of designer Marc Newson. The fame of the designer rose from the year 1985. This is a chair that has its origins in the style of the thirties, with 3 legs descending from natural curves, all covered with rubber. The rest of the chair is mainly made out of plastic that is reinforced with fiberglass. You might have already seen the chair in the music video for Rain by Madonna.

Pininfarina Aresline Xten – $1.5 Million

Pininfarina Aresline Xten

Pininfarina is an Italian car design company. They are the ones that created Aresline Xten, one of the really comfortable chairs that are designed for office use. It is incredibly comfortable and obviously expensive. The Technogel design gives you a cushion that conforms to the entire shape of the body. Combine this with Dynatec, which is a fabric that is originally created for athletes. This expensive chair can easily be tilted individually and there are 4 colors available: anthracite, red, grey and metallic blue. Most people love the modern, sleek build.

The Dragons Chair – $27.8 Million

The Dragons Chair

This is quite a jump, right? What is interesting is that the chair was designed by Eileen Gray in the year 1971. It was sold at an auction. The auction house expected to get a maximum amount of $3 but the result was the one listed above thanks to the buyer, Yves Saint Laurent.

We are talking about a chair upholstered with brown leather and featuring a wood made brownish frame. The reason why the price tag is so high is Chinese iconography. The dragon is a symbol and this chair features 2 dragons. Even if the price is highly inflated by the wishes of Yves Saint Laurent, it is still beautiful.