Magnetically Levitating Planter Adds Coolness To Any Décor

This is a pretty special planter that is much more than meets the eye once it is set up. It is basically a magnetically levitating planter that adds whimsy to any décor you choose.

The planter takes advantage of Maglev Levitation Technology, a sign of the future, and the best thing about it is that it is really cheap, only $100 on Amazon. Feel free to browse the similar products for others that use the same technology. We only chose one that is perfect for a small bonsai or for some herbs. Most buyers want to add it to kitchens or living rooms.


You can easily install the levitating planter without many problems. Hold the plan and add it to the base center. Put plants down towards base. You basically only have to be sure that the plant is added in the center. There will be magnetic force that is felt but you can easily navigate around it.