Mathematically Beautiful LED Bulbs by Tala Voronoi

Whenever you look at the light bulbs that are designed by Tala to glow bare you are drawn in. These light bulbs are organically shaped and are inspired by patterns that naturally occur, forming in tree canopies overhead, right next to filament snacking the central column, offering a mathematical tribute to Fibonacci’s sequence. All this may sound a little complex or way too complex. In reality, we are looking at LED light bulbs that are simply beautiful and with a mathematical build. The business practices and design of Tala are now guided through a simple principle: “Conservation Through Beauty”


We are faced with quite an interesting dichotomy since exposed light bulbs are old fashioned in terms of lighting history but these offer LED technology in a combination with modern forms and finishes. This means that we are faced with contemporary space illumination that comes in table lighting, floor or pendant forms.

The biomimicry present in Tala light bulbs is wonderful for any design that should feature some natural elements. The LED filament offers the light you want for over 20,000 hours while delivering between 80 and 120 lumens.

The last thing we should say is that for every single 200 of these light bulbs sold, 10 trees will be planted by the National Forest Foundation thanks to a partnership with Tala.