Tips To Design A Wonderful Bathroom For Children

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Designing a bathroom for children is usually done based on various clichés that have long been forgotten by designers and people that want to have a great-looking room. For instance, if the child is a girl, bathrooms end up pink, even if the girl does not really like ping. With boys we often see blue bathrooms and so on.


If you want to design a bathroom for a child, you need to take a different approach than when designing for an adult. Here are some tips to help you out.

Make The Bathroom Practical And Fun

It is always a really good idea to incorporate the favorite color of the child in the design. Then, you can complement that by painting tubs and other vanities. You would thus und up with a cheerful and playful merge of both style and personality.

Try to keep everything that is needed as easily accessible as possible. Also, make sure that the room is fun. Accents you can easily update are best, like mirrors, paint, accessories and rugs. Go as bold as you want with them since you can always update them.

Always Consider The Child’s Needs

It is always important to think about the height and age of a child when designing a perfect bathroom. You can always consider custom vanities so that a step stool will not be needed. Also, under sink toe kick can be customized with pull-out steps when taller vanities are preferred. Some really popular choices for the child’s bathroom are drop-in, wall mount and undermount sinks.

Besides the need of the child, you also have to think about your own needs. For instance, if the children share the bathroom as they get ready to go for school, you want the sink, mirror and vanity to be separated from the water closet and the shower. This allows the presence of more children in the room at the same time.

Adding unique elements is always a good idea, like red accents with rusted hardware on drawers and doors.

Think About Resale Value

There are many cases in which a kids’ bathroom will affect resale value. For instance, in the event that there are 2 sinks present in this bathroom, many potential buyers will be interested. This is something that helps those that have more than one child since fighting will be minimized. Having a separate shower and toilet is also something that is highly preferred.

While you can definitely be quite creative with the bathroom you design for the children, it is a very good idea to focus on something that is gender neutral if you think that you are going to sell in the future. If the bathroom is all pink, potential buyers that have boys will surely be turned off.

Don’t Forget About Cleaning

Kids will surely make a mess in the bathroom so it is a really good idea to think about this as you design everything. Children are messy, no matter the space where they are. Try to limit surface area and make a space for everything. Also, all that you add should be easy to clean. Tile walls in order to make it much easier to clean dirt and fingerprints. Also, the fewer painted surfaces you have, the better! Materials with high durability are always recommended.

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