MIST – The Modular Sofa Inspired By Water Particles


Oyster created MIST for Bizzarto. MIST is a beautiful modular sofa system that was inspired by water particles as they exist in the air. The goal was to bring a slice of nature and comfort to daily life.

We are looking at an interesting asymmetrical design that is made out of rounded shapes. They resemble the moss that covers minerals and rocks. Curvy components can easily be configured into 1 chaise lounge. Alternatively, the choice can be sectional and help seat more people.

MIST includes various sized modules, together with armrests and oversized headrests. Customization is really simple. Pieces are not permanently attached. Due to this, you can combine in any possible arrangement. If you get bored with an arrangement, you just make it different.

You can buy the large container module without the lamp or with it. There is also a really useful induction charger that helps you to keep all your devices charged at all times. This sofa features an open space design so you have a place where you can store your remote controls, blankets or whatever else you want.