Barnhouse V by Wenink Holtkamp Architecten

Barnhouse V

The inspiration for Barnhouse V by Wenink Holtkamp Architecten revolved around rural analysis for the site where it was built. We are looking at a 160 square meter property with a building plot located 30 meters from the main road. We are thus looking at a house that is in the backside part of the site. This is surrounded by barns and shades amidst a true wide-open landscape.

Barnhouse V is directly connected to the surroundings when looking at shape, materialization and color. We have black wooden cladding that is similar to what we see in the area’s traditional wooden barns. They are mostly clad with black wooden slats. Then, corrugated steel roof is added, which is similar to the what is seen in the modern barns.

Combining materials in order to create this black setting leads to a house that instantly stands out in the middle of green landscape. Sun blinds only make everything better with their story high sliding doors, which is something really common in traditional barns.

Different textures are in place. They gradually expose themselves as you get closer to the barnhouse. We quickly see vertical wooden slats. Then, corrugated sheets use the same colors but because of the fact that we have variation in orientation and texture, the home absorbs sunlight only to then reflect it away.

This house is positioned in order to create 3 scenic experiences. These are visible from the house’s interior and were highly instrumental in the layout’s design. We have an open connection to access roads right in the front. Then, there is an intimate experience in the west side and full openness at the rear.

The floorplans show an interior with a really interesting depth. In the west side everything is more intimate and important living spaces are featured on an axis that includes the master bedroom, living room and kitchen. There is even an indoor garage added to this house.

The last thing that should be added is that this is a house that was created in order to be fully life-cycle resistant. At the first floor you can find 2 bedrooms, storage space and the workspace. Then, we have big voids that are over staircases and the kitchen so that morning light can come in, all possible through skylights. Voids offer special experience, creating views that reach the roof.

Photographs: Tim Van de Velde