Mistakes You Might Make When You Hang Curtains

You surely want every single part of your home to look perfect so why not also look at how you are hanging curtains? Contrary to what you may think at the moment, there are so many different mistakes that people make when they hand their curtains. This is what we will focus on below. Make sure you do not make these mistakes.

Improper Measuring

The very first step that you have to take is not to choose the curtain. You need to measure your windows. This will surely allow you to make the necessary adjustments based on how window treatments will be hanged. When you measure you can also avoid having to go back to the store in the event that you chose rods that are of an improper size.

Hanging Your Curtains Low

If you want to make the room and the ceiling feel taller, you will want to hang your draperies and your curtain rods higher rather than lower. Always do this in the event that the space is short.

Buying Short Curtains

The size of the curtain counts a lot but there are many that make the mistake of buying some curtains that are simply too short. Curtains need to touch the floor. Sometimes, curtains should be hemmed. Curtains that are close to the floor but do not reach it are a bad idea.


Not Using An Iron

The curtains that are wrinkled will look pretty messy. You should not be lazy and you do want to iron your curtains, unless the material is not meant to be touched by heat. Steaming is also an option.

Not Considering Available Hardware

Window treatments are important but curtain hardware counts a lot more than you may think. You need to be careful about the weight of the curtains. Rods that have added hardware or extra support are sometimes to be considered. Rod style and finial have to be considered as well.