Modern Moscow Residence With A Focus On Simple Details

Most interior designers agree that it is really hard to match the luxury of antique oak and Italian marble. However, it is not needed to use highly expensive materials in order to create something that is truly stylish and unique. This modern residence close to Moscow proves it. All revolves around how materials will flow and fit together. That is how you create true luxury in interior design.

As you can see from the images below, the Moscow home is showcasing a modern interior. It is obviously a private residence, one that is so much more affordable than what many think, all because of the inexpensive materials that are utilized in a proper way. There are some high-end furnishings included, of course, but the total is lower than what it tends to be.


Natural light finds its home in this open floor house. The space is truly modern, with glass in many areas replacing walls from bottom to top. Natural light is great for extra plant additions inside the home, making colors stand out even more. Paneling is creative, covering TV sets and other areas you do not want guests to see. Adding the fireplace is just something that is the cherry on top.

A home feels different when it has luxury furnishings. You will see this in many parts of the home and when it is night, light will make everything even better. Track lighting is utilized in this case.

The home appeared as a concept from MOPS Architecture Studio. Visualizations are done by ONI Render.