Natuzzi Re-Vive – The First Recliner You Will Fall In Love With

Re-Vive is presented as the first ever performance recliner. When you look at it, your first thought is that it is gorgeous. That is especially true for the white version. When you look inside it, you will be surprised to see how it is built. This is not a design element (although it does fit in well in so many homes). It is a comfortable experience that guarantees you will relax and your body will be comfortable even if you take a nap.

Let’s Meet Re-Vive:

What Is So Special With Re-Vive?

re-vive 2It is great to notice a chair that was designed with only one thought in mind: comfort. Contrary to what you may think, most chairs designed these days are simply horrible. They are simply created to fit an interior design and when you use one, you will eventually end up with a back problem.

Re-vive offers a responsive compensating mechanism that create a natural reclining motion. In plain terms, this is a chair that moves with you so that you will feel really comfortable. It is ergonomic to the core.


The only problem with this recliner is that you cannot buy it online. You would need to go to this site and then find the store that sells it and that is the closest to where you live.

We should mention just one more thing: there are many different color options available. We love the white Re-Vive but you can even go for Pearl Gold.