Reupholstering A Chair – Tips To Remember

From time to time you may change the design of your home. This is the moment when you are probably thinking about reupholstering your chairs. Adding new cover to your chairs can bring new life to them. The methods of reupholstering your chairs will depend on the chair type. Here are some easy ways of getting the job done.

  1. Removing fasteners

First of all you will need to remove any fasteners that your chair will have. If the chair has staples, you should skip to the next section. It is pretty easy to remove the fasteners. You will have to do these things:

  • Place a chisel under the edge of the fastener
  • Use a wooden mallet to tap the end of the chisel
  • Lever the fastener upwards, until it becomes free of the wood
  • You should throw the fasteners away right away because if you don`t do so, there may be a risk of harming yourself
  1. Remove the staples

There may be instances when heavy-duty staples are used to keep everything in place. This is when you should use other tools in order to get rid of these too.

  • Take use of a regulator because it will remove all of the staples
  • Slip it under the middle of the regulator and lever it upwards, pushing it on the edge of the wood.
  • If your chair is polished, don`t forget to add a slim piece of aluminum to press on that instead of the wood. This will avoid you leaving marks from the pressure.
  • When one end of the staple pops out use pincers to pull it all out.
  • Do this until every staples are removed
  1. Remove the fabric

Just lift it from the chair sit, the back and even the arms. After you remove the old fabric, you should prepare for the new one. Just mark the removed fabric with indicators that will help you draw a pattern. You can also draw a sketch of the chair if that helps you. After you remove the panels, you should list their order so you know how to add them back into their original place

  1. Save the stuffing


Keep the stuffing intact by lifting it with both of your hands. Cut the glue stuffing away. You can use a knife for this job.  After that you will be able to remove other additional fasteners. You should also keep in mind to check the chair base and make some frame repairs to it.

  1. Repairing the chair

You will firstly need to decide if you will do the repairing by yourself or you will need to hire a professional. If a chair seems to be complicated to repair, you should take into consideration to hire a professional. As you know, a chair with weaknesses will soon break and if you know you have this kind of chair, you should definitely repair it as fast as you can so that it won`t break down.