Top 3 Luxury Hotels In The World

We all love luxury and we want to see what is luxurious. When it comes to picking the top 3 luxurious hotels from around the world, you can imagine how hard that is. Well, with a little bit of research, we came up with some options that are truly stunning. Here are the top 3 luxury hotels in the world right now.

Akademie Street

Akademie Street Boutique Hotel And Guest House, located in Franschhoek, South Africa, is the top pick for those that want to experience a really stunning, luxurious hotel experience.

The travel rating for Akademic Street is simply flawless. Over 780 reviews were written and a huge majority of them is maximum. You can see a room and some outdoor areas in the gallery above.

What is interesting is that there are only 6 rooms available, located in 5 buildings. Every single one is unique and located in a remote, private property near Franschhoek. This luxurious hotel is small, family managed and owned, 5 stars, luxury filled, a retreat that is tremendous for those looking for relaxation. Try the restaurants in the village as the food is great and if you want to know more about room availability (obviously a problem) and rates, click here.

The Place

The Place is located in Ko Tao, Thailand. It is made out of 9 luxury boutique villas. Every single one has a private swimming pool and you basically get total privacy during your stay. Koh Tao (also known as Turtle Island) is basically a small tropical island. That is why you are guaranteed privacy. You can reach The Place by boat (the trip takes 2 hours from Koh Samui). If you are interested in reservations, click here. Prices are also listed.

The Chester Residence

The Chester Residence is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is currently the top luxury in UK and in Europe, being recommended by thousands. It is preferred by couples but families will also have a great time at the residence.

There are 26 apartments that can be booked and you can view a 3D tour of the apartments right here. If you are looking to book an apartment when visiting Scotland, you should consider one here!