Old Soviet Factory Turned Into A Business Centre

russian factory business centre side view

Taking an old factory and turning it into something else is the kind of project that most architects love because of the many different things that can be done and the lack of restrictions. This is exactly the type of freedom that Kleinewelt Architekten had, allowing them to turn a 5200 square meters factory into a modern business centre last year.

The main factory was constructed in the year 1932. Then it was repurposed in the fifties into a pharmaceutical factory. Although in the 1990s it was turned into an office building, the structure was affected by many alternations of facades, interiors, burns and basically ended up transforming the space into a setting that was perfect for a horror movie.

russian factory before reconstruction

Compare what you see above with the pictures that show the end result. We can say that the work was really well-done, with a staircase that is quite great, appealing and takes full advantage of natural light. We have a chandelier that is really long present under every single skylight, made out of metal tubes, and a glass roof built right above staircases. Even the lobby is great.

Take a look at the gallery below for extra pictures. Nobody will ever know how the factory looked like in the past.

Soviet factory turned into a business centre business centre corner view business centre meeting room[AdSense-A] business offices in the centre business centre entry area

Photo Credit: Ilya Ivanov