Park Habitat – Silicon Valley’s Plant-Covered Building With A Green Lung

If you love nature and you want more of it at the office or at home, Park Habitat is the type of architecture project you want to see. This Silicon Valley building is now in building phase and will instantly stand out because of its wood and glass façade with planters and vines.

Kengo Kuma and Associates is responsible for the project. It is also not their first, with another plant-covered building being built in San Jose.

The very interesting part of the structure is what was labeled as the “green lung” of the building. It is an atrium that aims to bring light and air right into the building.

Kengo Kuma declared:

“Strong relationships to nature are essential to our quality of life. Park habitat breathes with an outsized vertical courtyard called the green lung. The green lung brings light deep into each floor and surprises as a vertical garden, pervading the building’s atmospheres.”

The biophilic design of the building is complemented by several other features. This includes a roof landscaped garden and fully operable vents that can bring in or remove air. As a result of this breathing, it is easy to understand why the architects stated they created a lung.

Park Habitat stands on concrete pillars. They are visible through tree-filled garden spaces carved from the façade. We see concrete beams lifting the building, connecting Paseo with park Avenue. Basically, we have a heavily landscaped porch with decorated slats, wooden louvers, green pedestrian areas, and gardens.

In the building, office spaces and retail spaces will be housed. Also, there will be a museum present, a science and technology center, and who knows what else until the end of the project.