A Modern Traditional Seaside Resort In Poland

Polish Seaside Resort

mode:lina is an architecture firm that was responsible for designing the new CAMPPINUS PARK Innovative Resort. The result is a very interesting project that took into account the traditional architecture of the area while creating something modern. The resort is a really peaceful and beautiful retreat in Jezierzany, Poland.


The resort is located close to Wicko Lake and is made out of different houses. Every single one is finished with the use of the Shou Sugi Ban technique. This makes everything beautiful and functional at the same time, allowing visitors to stay in a tranquil and quiet room that is practically surrounded by natural landscape.

What is particularly interesting with the design choices made by mode:lina is the presence of a house inside the house. On the first floor there is a dark structure that includes the bathroom, kitchen and some extra storage. The area around this house inside the house forms walkways and a dining area.

Due to the consolidation of the utilities into a single unit, fewer walls are needed. This makes the interior feel airy and open.

Polish Seaside Resort kitchen

When you look closer at the dark house you see natural wood panels combined with beams that perfectly frame the structure. This complements the other black elements in the house, like railings, cross braces and window frames.

At one side of the house you find the living room. It features a really large wall made out of windows to perfectly frame the green outdoors.

In the pitched roof there are also windows right up to the top. This brings in a lot of natural light in the middle part of the home. Windows are also used in bedrooms to offer great views of the surrounding area.

Photographs by: Studio Prototypownia