Settley – The Shopping Cart That Transforms Into A Seat

Designer Dot came up with a shopping cart that you never knew you needed. Meet the Settley, a normal shopping cart that transforms into a seat you can use to relax a little during long and stressful shopping sessions.

What is interesting with this concept is that it looks designed to help those who would have difficulties standing for a long time at the supermarket. But, it has uses that can only stop with your imagination. For instance, you can sit on this shopping cart while you are waiting in long queues and can even move together with the cart while you remain seated.

Obviously, we are talking about convenience here. Settley is practically a seat with wheels mashed right into a trolley. If you have any problem that would lead to leg pain, back pain, or simply an inability to stand for a longer period of time, this is definitely one modular cart you would love.

The system behind the Settley is so simple that it is a surprise nobody created it yet. You only have a very simple rail system that pulls out the cart’s legs and extends the length. Then, the base of the chair is simply moved from one side to the other to create the seated area. And when you seat, you can have a lot of fun pushing the cart with your feet. Or at least this is what we would surely do.