Pulsa Residential Building – Environmentally-Friendly Homes In Touch With Nature

Pulsa Residential Building

The Pulsa Residential Building Looks Like Taken Out Of A Sci Fi Movie

This is definitely the first impression you get when you see the work done by Aedas in Hong Kong in 2018, with Cary Lau as the lead architect and Winfield Investments Ltd as the client.

Covering 3906 square meters, the Pulsa Residential Building was built in Repulse Bay, which is a highly luxurious residential area in the city. Right in the back there are mountains and the residential building was built right on top of a slope of around 40 degrees.

The entire building is immersed in nature and the design motif was inspired by the waves of the sea. There were various materials, building profiles, layouts and floor areas that were used. This makes every single house unique, which is always something that is important for luxury apartments.

House facades manage to create reflections and diffractions. When viewed from different angles, you get a different perspective.

Cary managed to masterfully deal with the problems that were present in the area. Her solution was having 3 houses located right in front, being built downwards, and 5 houses in the back area, being built upwards. The solution offers great Repulse Bay sea views for every home.

The Pulsa Residential Building manages to reduce its carbon footprint thanks to careful material selection and a completely environmentally-friendly design. Low-E coatings control glare and reduce heat transfer. Then, cross-ventilation is added to increase thermal comfort. Even the outdoor swimming pools are environmentally-friendly. Yes, there are swimming pools.