The Surreal Black House By AR Design

Modern homes like this Black House project by AR Design might very well be the future of architecture, although it is a certainty that many will not like what they will see here. The home is 400 square meters, was done in 2017 and was built in Hampshire, UK.

The Black House is influenced by Kent modern and historic buildings, with the owner wanting a contemporary home after moving from a Tudor fifteenth century house. What is interesting is that the client and the designers actually went on a tour of Kent in order to get inspiration. This included the Sissinghurst Castle Garden.

A rectangular massing was created and then divided by key axes into blocks. The blocks are linked and offer a highly distinct aspect, with the presence of a central courtyard that is hidden from outside views. Blocks lead to various garden parts and there are actually 3 home entrances.


In the kitchen diner you will have morning sun and sliding glass doors from the floor to the ceiling, all perfectly complemented by vineyard and orchard views. Then we have a drawing room facing the pool and the bedrooms that are offering the seclusion you are looking for.

When it comes to living amenities and additions, the home owners went for contemporary living. We thus have Black House, a really dramatic experience that is all built around a garden and offers contemporary features in a historic contest.

Photography: Martin Gardner