Mark Twain’s Connecticut House Offers A Free Virtual Tour

Mark Twain’s Connecticut House

Mark Twain’s family home in Hartford, Connecticut is now a museum. You can easily visit it if you are interested in the life of the author but with the current covid-19 situation, this is not possible. This is why you might want to learn about the free virtual tour that was made available by the museum.

Through the virtual tour, you can explore the room where many pieces of art were created, like “Old Times on the Mississippi” and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

Samuel Clemens (the real name of Mark Twain) and his wife bough the land in order to build a home in the year 1873. Edward Tuckerman Potter was commissioned as the architect in charge. Olivia “Livy” Clemens influenced the home design and after one year, the Twains moved in.

The house of Mark Twain has 3 floors and a total of 25 rooms. At the time of erection, numerous innovations were present, like hot running water, a shower and flush toilets. Also, the home was lit by gaslight, included ductwork and there was even a security system that used batteries.

What is interesting was that the home was very costly to build. This is why it took 7 years until public rooms’ ceilings and walls were decorated thanks to the work of Louis C. Tiffany & Co’, Associated Artists. The entire first floor features impressive designs from Turkey, Morocco, China and Japan. This is definitely an impressive house for the time when it was built.