SCANIA Industrial Complex by EovaStudio

The SCANIA Industrial Complex by EovaStudio sits right on the Rio Tinto bank, extending the largest industrial estate in the Huelva province. Being finished in 2019 and covering an area of 34444 square feet, the Scania Swedish truck manufacturer placed its new facilities right there.

The location offers an incredible and vast surrounding infrastructure. This gives the opportunity of easily creating a highly visual complete exhibition, with architecture becoming a really valuable advertising element, and a functional container.

The project had simple demands. It had to offer a horizontal, zenithal, and diaphanous illuminated space for truck setups. Then, it had to provide a commercial area and an exhibition area, all at different levels, with the use of natural light for the different administrative spaces.

The architects created a building with an imposing character, all while encompassing all the necessary program parts in just one volume. A single material was used, which makes everything special. The structure features angles that make great use of space and natural lights.

Volumetric needs are solved with the use of a façade abatement or inclination that reaches 45 degrees. This begins symmetrically and continuously, leading to modification based on each orientation condition. This would prolonge the threshold between the outside and the inside, all without adding any element and increasing the area that is protected from the effects of the weather.

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Photographs by Roland Halbe