The Outdoor Playhouse Inspired By Scandinavian Cabin Design

It is not often that we talk about a playhouse but this one is a great place for kids to play and features a very interesting design. The responsibility for the design falls on Theo Dales, Zoe Little and Johnathon Little from KOTO studio. The result is named ILO and it is a modern and interesting outdoor playhouse meant for kids.


ILO was inspired by Scandinavian log cabin simplicity, all with combined modern aesthetic. The playhouse is actually handcrafter right in the UK with the use of larch timbers that are locally sourced, all-natural finishes and paints and recycled rubber flooring.

According to the designers, the wish was to create a play space that can be used for both play and reading. At the same time, it was desired to have an open feeling without any isolation to be experienced, all while offering a space that was specifically designed for children.

Besides the shape, which is quite interesting, there are also vertical and horizontal windows that offer some cute small views right from within the house. Most likely, those windows also encourage imagination.

Photographs: Tracey Hosey