A Luxurious View inside the Tallest Residential Building in the Western Hemisphere

Everyone seems happy to see a nice space decorated in a modern manner that simply makes you feel comfortable and happy to be there. How about discovering more about luxurious interior design concepts and how they can change any space into something absolutely amazing and worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Extravagant luxury goods and home items
We have thought of a few ideas related to extravagant luxury goods and home items that you might enjoy reading about. Just having a look at interesting celebrity homes, luxurious aircraft interiors and residences of famous people might make you want to change the interior of your own home and know exactly how to do so.

The Tallest Residential Building in the Western Hemisphere
If we think of luxury we must consider the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere found inside 432 Park Avenue because there is a lot to see and take in from there. Who could have ever thought that there could be any construction project meant to overtake the most popular skyscrapers in the amazing New York City? Looks like this can actually happen and we are only talking about an apartment building.


New Luxurious Construction
A new construction planned and built this year at 432 Park Avenue seems to have managed to become the tallest residential building in the entire western hemisphere. Its interior design is also something worth considering because nothing but exceptional, luxurious home items are considered acceptable in such a case.

Famous Designers and Their Ideas
The building was designed by the famous Rafael Vinoly who has had a secret plan of designing something really great for this great city. The building includes 104 condos and more than 50% of its units have already been sold. People with a lot of money and great taste for luxury in terms of interior design are the ones who have opted for buying an apartment in this amazing new building.

Spectacular Views from Huge Windows
What those living in this amazing new building from New York City will get is first of all an amazing view from huge windows that were especially designed so as to amaze anyone entering this building. You cannot stay in the center of the action going on in New York City and not have access to the most spectacular views in the world. This is how the designer working on this amazing building has started thinking about his amazing project and the results that have been obtained are 100% spectacular.

The spectacular views of New York will instantly attract your attention. The buildings features marble bathrooms which stand at staggering heights of more than 100 feet which offer a breathtaking view of the city. You will also be amazed to discover the amazing living rooms inside the condos because they include such spectacular items that you will never want to leave the building and just stay and live there forever.

A spectacular building as the tallest one in the Western Hemisphere can only include luxurious goods and home items that make you feel the luckiest person alive if you have the chance to visit it. What could we say about those having the chance to actually live there? Their life must be pretty good surrounded by luxury everywhere they go.