Tips To Keep Countertops Clutter-Free

Most countertops in a home are quite beautiful but that is only if you can actually seem them. In the event that kitchen or bathroom countertops are cluttered, you waste a lot of time as you look for items and the rooms do not look as great as they could. Organization is so much more than just having things look tidy and nice. It is all about efficiency and properly using space. Having clutter-free counters allow you to cook better and in the bathroom, you can easily save time and energy.


There are various things that you can do to keep your countertops clutter-free. Those that are particularly useful are presented below.

Remove Seldomly Used Items

This is the first advice everyone will offer. The big problem with most bathrooms and kitchens is that a lot of space is used through some appliances that are seldomly used, decorative items and toiletry items.

In a kitchen, be sure that you only place the appliances that you actually use. Your counter space has space under it. Use it. Also, add some extra shelves in the event that you need them so you get a lot more space that can be utilized. In the bathroom, use your cabinets to store items like electric razors, curling irons and hair dryers.

Replace The Older Countertops

When you do not like the countertops, it is normal to want to cover them with items you do not actually need. Whenever you have some countertops that use the older plastic laminates, tiles are chipped or color is outdated, sprucing them out is a great idea.

Replace the countertops with a solid surfacing option like granite. Be sure that colors match the rest of the décor. If you do not have a lot of money available, at least replace the broken tiles and disguise older counters with the use of an overlay countertop, which is usually made out of granite or resin.

Properly Store Your Household Items

In so many homes countertops are covered with baby toys, tools and even the dog leash. Think about creating a special designated storage area for items you want to add to your counter. The countertops are where you are so tempted to add item after item. It is always a lot better to just put everything in the right place after use. You can use vertical storage options in closets and buy extra organizational space that has multipurpose items.

Add Great Looking Counter Décor

If the décor that you add to the countertops looks great, you can be proud of it and you do not need to focus too much on hiding it, as with ugly items people usually add to countertops. For instance, something as simple as an antique heirloom like a vase can do everything a lot better. Remove everything from the counters and see what to add in order to actually have a good-looking space in your home.

Final Thoughts

Always remember the fact that countertops have to be kept orderly and clean. When you live with others, be sure that you also explain the importance of having clean countertops. Do not neglect this to have a wonderful home!