Simplicity At Its Finest In 6063 Stool

Sometimes we need just one extra seat in our home, a stool for a multi-purpose setting. This is exactly what this 6063 Stool by MSDS offers. 6063 is the name of pure aluminum alloy. That is why this is the name of this stool. What stands out is the contemporary shape, with strong American manufacturing mid-century echoes coming from a Canadian manufacturer. There are 3 color options that are available. However, they are all dark hues. You will normally have no problems to fit this stool right along your other furniture and it will stand out.


MSDS is focused on engaging contemporary culture through the design they implement. The main principles that apply are craftsmanship inheritance and good design. Work does synthesize strong considerations on space, form and materials, among others. The furniture created thus manages to steal the show, including with the stool mentioned.

You should know that the 6063 stool is not available at the moment. It is actually in its pre-order stage. Shipping will start on June 23. The stool is made out of rubber and powder coated pure aluminum.