Top 3 Most Expensive Furniture In The World

When it comes to expensive furniture, there is nothing that seems to be too expensive. We are basically faced with so many options on the market and it is normal to see many different furniture items that cost a lot more money than most people around the world will make in their entire life. As expected, all of the top 3 most expensive furnitures in the world are over $1 million. Make that over $4.5 million.

Tufft Roccoco Table

$4.6 Million – Tufft Table

This table was named after creator Thomas Tufft. It was carved by hand in the 1700s for Richard Edwards, a general store owner in Lumberton. We basically have an antique table that has long legs and is perfectly designed. We do not really know where the table is now since it is surely in the private collection of someone but it is definitely one that keeps increasing in value.

dragons chair

$27.8 Million – Dragons Chair

The main reason why this armchair is so expensive is that it eventually ended up in the property of Yves Saint Laurent. Eileen Gray, an Irish designer, is the person that created it. It was rumored that the designer bought back the chair from Laurent during an auction for 10 times the initial price. The Dragons Chair was created around 1918 and is still seen as a masterpiece in the furniture world.

Badminton Cabinet

$36.7 Million – Badminton Cabinet

The Badminton Cabinet is also known as Badminton Chest. It was commissioned by Henry Somerset and it took 6 years to create. The name was based on the Badminton House, the seat of power of Somerset, who was a duke in Gloucestershire. The cabinet was sold and re-sold through auctions and is right now the most expensive furniture in the world.