Spanish Urban Beach Home By Egue And Seta

When it comes to summer vacations we all want something special so this Spanish urban beach home by Egue And Seta is a great option you may want to consider when travelling to the area. The Barcelona summer is quite different than in other places of the world. Capturing its essence in interior design is not as easy as it may seem but the designers managed to do exactly that.

We are looking at a home meant for 2 people. It thus offers enough space but that space is optimized to make it even more useful. There are 3 rooms, all visually connected in one way or another. There are many cheery and bright colors present everywhere around the home. You will see contemporary paintings, a dining room close to a perfectly decorated linear kitchen and even carefully painted window frames that would create fluidity.


In the kitchen there is a clear industrial chic feeling thanks to the brick wall. That brick wall is something we absolutely love as it adds so much to the room we would spend so much time in. We then have wooden features in rooms, wine glasses carefully positioned and lush potted plants that just create a great atmosphere. Space conserving is possible in many different ways, with the mounted shelves being perfect. The bedroom is spacious and bright, perfect for a summer night or day.

On the whole, this is a wonderful urban beach home. Stunning, as you can see from the images below.