The Handcrafted Byron Bay Home

Byron Bay Home

Zana Wright, architectural designer, together with husband builder Sam Jolly built and designed this stunning self-contained home. It is really serene and a true joy to look at.

Local materials were used to build the new house in a true connection to the environment. The entire family has a great home now.

Place is practically built into the local context through the local materials that are used. The goal of creating at true minimal environmental footprint was a huge priority. Australian hardwoods, stone and earth were used to create this Byron Bay home. A collaboration was done to build the kitchen, earthen floors, bathroom and joinery. Practically, the entire family chipped in.

Wright’s family is using open-plan design but not just that. The environment in the area is perfect for numerous possible family outdoor outings so the house takes full advantage of this.

The interior of the house is honest and simple. Construction materials are actually visible in the home’s design. The textures and raw tones create a perfect serene backdrop for the artworks and other objects that are handcrafted and a part of the family’s personal collection.

The outdoor bathroom is particularly interesting. It does not actually need to be cleaned, which is a huge advantage.

It is definitely not easy to build with some local materials since this is not a cost-effective option. This made it difficult to stick to the budget. However, Zara and her family did manage this perfectly and the result can only be described as being beautiful.