The Rose Garden Boutique Hotel by JSPA Design

Rose garden Boutique Hotel

The Rose Garden Boutique Hotel is located in Daixi and was the work of JSPA Design. Covering 700 square meters, in the past the site was formed through a gentle slope that was located at the bottom of a hill covered with beautiful tea fields, all surrounded by stunning bamboo forests. The hotel aimed to create a rose plantation that would be used for the manufacture of cosmetics, together with the current hospitability program, which includes the Rose Museum, a Hotel and a SPA.

The project’s first phase was a small building that only had a few rooms, and some public spaces. This was what led to the rest of the project. On the site, there was an old farm present, featuring the Zhejiang rural architecture, which was traditional in the area.

The goal was to understand the techniques that were used in the past, together with the most popular materials, all while trying to find an efficient and rational way to create something special.

Project architecture works with the house’s archetypal form, a volume that is unique and is covered with traditional tiles in a pitched roof. This is a volume that is then moved by adding 4 steel boxes. The very first one is an 8 meters high one that cuts the structure open. This creates exterior circulation space. Then, the other 3 steel boxes perfectly manage the relationship established between the exterior and the interior.

When we look at the ground floor, we see rammed earth. This is where 4 rooms are located. With the use of the heavy material, we get acoustic and thermal insulation as a beautiful texture is created right inside the rooms and even on the building’s façade. Basically, this creates a pretty contemporary structure and a reference to local architecture.

When we look at the second floor, we see living spaces and meeting rooms. This makes the building lighter and wood is utilized. The façade’s wooden parts create openings.

The hotel’s roof structure uses wood and steel. This creates volume and beautiful texture.