These Custom-Made Luxury Dog Retreats Are Perfect For Your Best Friend

Does Your Dog Deserve A Luxurious Home?

Of course he does so we need to mention Alison Victoria’s recent auction of 5 luxury dog retreats. The purpose of the auction is to raise money for the ASPCA.

These custom-made luxury dog retreats are a part of the “Every Dog Is Worth It” KILZ campaign. We are looking at 5 beautiful dog houses that are created with expert attention to execution and detail, all in such good taste.

Pijuan Design Workshop was responsible for the design. The LA studio declared:

“Style and functionality are our leading factors to implementing the Mid-century modern aesthetic. We work on creating special moments with our interior pieces that not only work with most interior palettes, but also stand out as works of art.”

As expected, KILZ was a part of the project, with its primer being used to keep the dog houses free of odors and stains, all while having a long-lasting paint finish.

As you can easily see, these luxury dog retreats are practically little houses that are, most likely, better than most homes out there. The pet abodes practically scream out “home”. These are dog houses that rival human houses, and they can be bought through the auction.

Every single dog house is now available and the largest bid is going to get it. The auction continues until August 26 here.