These five furniture startups are shaking up how people decorate their homes

While furniture may not be classified as a basic need, it is still an essential part of every home. When made carefully to maximize usability, furniture can add significant value to your life and make it easier to get things done. For this reason, making furniture will always be a relevant business as people will always need it.


In this regard, plenty of furniture businesses are always coming up now and then, but only those that provide quality, style, and affordability manage to stick around. Several startups solely focus on providing the best selection to their customers at the most considerable prices.

This article discusses five such startups and outlines their furniture range so you can discover a new range to choose from. Read on for more!

ZZ Driggs

Founded in 2014 in New York, ZZ Driggs is a private women-led furniture startup that has been taking over the furniture solutions market for a while. The ZZ team is inspired by an urgent need for change in the furniture design and crafting space and is paving the way in designing, creating, styling, restoring, and remaking furniture. The company’s official website boasts expert fabricators, crafters, upholsterers, and woodworkers who combine expertise to provide high-quality solutions.

  • You can rent furniture on lease terms that finally allow you to own it.
  • You can directly purchase any pieces you want from their website. The physical showroom is open at their New York office.
  • ZZ Driggs works with real estate agents and property managers to stage properties for sale.
  • The company also provides short-term rental and set-up for commercial events and production.
  • ZZ for Business also provides client-ready outfitting services for office or commercial space.
  • The startup provides complete interior design and furnishing services for your apartment.


Kaiyo is another New York-based fast-growing startup that has become popular solely through its excellent and essential service. Also founded in 2014, Kaiyo has grown to a million-dollar company that provides a safe, accessible, and trustworthy marketplace to buy and sell pre-used furniture.

Kaiyo is uncomplicated and relatively easy to work with. If you are selling a furniture piece, you only need to create a furniture profile with the images and details of the piece. The Kaiyo team then reviews the submission and checks the condition of the furniture. If approved, the company sends a white-glove team that collects, cleans, stores, and delivers it to the buyer. You can get paid via the instant offer, which is placed immediately after pick-up or later when the piece is sold.

As mentioned on their website, they are often very selective of the pieces they take in, which means that your furniture needs to be in a reasonably good condition to sell. They are a great solution if you want to declutter and sell your current furniture for upgrades. It is also a great site to visit if you are looking for quality pre-used furniture at lower prices or want to sell yours and upgrade.

Kaiyo is a sustainability-oriented platform that encourages reusing and recycling furniture to prevent overflowing landfills from fast furniture.

Oliver Space

Oliver Space is particularly helpful for furnishing home and office spaces. Based in San Francisco, California, Oliver Space was founded in 2018 and still aims to make furnished living spaces easy to arrange and afford.

Oliver Space operates an online platform where clients can access and apply to rent furniture and other items for home decor based on a monthly subscription. This applies to many things, including sofas, pillows, rugs, and indoor plants. The focus is on minimizing the time and money spent buying, renting, and transporting furniture.

Customers can take out any item they want, use it for as long as needed, and send it back or swap it out for something else. Oliver Space then repairs or refurbishes the product to restore its appeal and functionality.

The items are fairly good quality and can be rented for as low as thirty dollars per month. Clients who want to buy items directly can do so at 0 interest. The prices are fairer than in most stores owing to the lack of middlemen. They also deliver relatively fast, usually within three days.


Kashew, just like Kaiyo, is a marketplace for second-hand furniture. It contributes towards environmental sustainability by encouraging people to resell their furniture instead of dumping it. This is strongly emphasized on their website where you can find more information on the mass production of fast furniture and its impact on the environment. To support the message, the organization donates 25% of its proceeds towards reforestation. The company was founded in February 2021 and is based in San Fransisco, California.

To sell your furniture, you must visit their site, sign up and create an account. You then fill out an application and upload the details of your furniture for their review. Once approved, the furniture is collected and delivered to the buyer or the Kashew offices for renovation. You can set your prices and get paid as soon as the purchase is made.

You can also visit the website and check the available listings if you are looking for any pre-owned pieces. The selection is highly restricted, which means that you have access to nothing but high-quality pieces. You can then select, pay and have them delivered within three days.

Kashew also offers consignment services which allow you to declutter fast. They have professional valuers who can help you price your furniture realistically. Their payment system is safe, and the pick-up time is almost immediate (depending on where you live.)

Maiden Home

The message behind Maiden Home is simple: providing high-quality American-crafted furniture at affordable prices. It has a specific focus on designer hand-crafted luxury pieces. The company was founded in 2017 and has headquarters in New York.

The Maiden Home e-commerce platform provides customers with a broad view of various high-quality furniture pieces, from couches and sofas to bar stools. The detail in photography is highly enhanced so that you get exactly what you see.

Each piece of furniture from Maiden Home is carefully designed and put together by American craftsmen in North Carolina. The focus is on the time, attention, and skill given to each piece, using very high-quality material and technology to transform it into a custom piece that suits the customer’s exact specifications. It is then carefully transported to your doorstep after purchase and installed as you instruct.

Maiden Home is particularly popular for its wide range of furniture that suits its buyer’s style, quality, and price requirements. Since furniture is made directly in their workshops, the middlemen are eliminated, enabling the company to sell at relatively affordable prices. They are also known for their use of high-quality materials, including a wide range of fabrics and leather.

In conclusion, while the furniture business is not new, new styles and designs are constantly emerging. A number of startups are addressing the changing needs in the furniture industry, and the ones mentioned above have been at the forefront of their niche. For instance, Kashew is blazing the trail toward sustainable furniture production by encouraging the circulation of existing furniture instead of producing new pieces. Other honorable mentions include Hoek Home, DecorMatters, and Branch. Check out more news about your favorite startups at