How To Pick Great Studio Apartment Furniture

Love how to choose studio apartment furniture

Tips To Pick Great Studio Apartment Furniture

Choosing studio apartment furniture is something that is sometimes complex. Your goal is almost always to get a space that looks open and fresh.


The studio apartments show off personality and lifestyle. They offer many perks that people love. If you want to live in a studio apartment, choosing great furniture is mandatory. This makes a huge difference since space is limited and you want to focus on different things than with the larger apartments.

If you want to pick great studio apartment furniture, here are some great tips to consider.

Focus On Storage

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If you live in a studio apartment, it is a very good idea to buy furniture that keeps the space uncluttered and clean. One of the worst things to do is choose apartment furniture that leads to clutter.

Since space is small, look for opportunities to store more in a smaller space. Take advantage of height in order to draw vision upwards. Also, consider using hidden storage.

You can also use shelving in order to offer highly effective storage. This also eliminates the necessity to have heavy furniture pieces incorporated into the design.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture For Added Space

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Any small apartment will gain a lot from the use of multi-purpose furniture. Some of these items seem to be really complex and are pretty expensive. However, this does not mean that you cannot find something that will create a highly attractive space that can be used.

Multi-purpose furniture can include push up decks and pull down beds. You can also consider ottomans as they can double up as benches while also being wonderful studio storage solutions. Buy some tables that can be used as desks and chests that you use as coffee tables.

Stack Stools

Plastic Stack Stools
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In studio apartments, you cannot really use large sofas due to space problems. An alternative is to add stools. Stack them in a corner and you can easily pull them out whenever there are guests arriving.

Buy A Pedestal Table

Antique Table 36" Round With Black And Cherry Finish
Antique Table 36″ Round With Black And Cherry Finish – $117 on Amazon

The table that has a pedestal base is a really excellent storage option for a studio apartment. Pedestal tables of organic shapes prevent accidents caused by bumping against the sharp edges. It is also much easier to squeeze your friends around the table if you want to grab a casual meal.

An alternative would be to add an extendable dining table. Simply put, you just extend it when your friends come over and you want to eat.

Replace Bedroom Closets With Closet Bedrooms

Closet bedroom
Image from decor8 Blog

You obviously like storing clothes in a closet but the use of the closet bedroom is something you should seriously consider for the studio apartment. This is because in a studio apartment there is often a walk-in closet area that is used for storage. Most of these are so large that a bed can easily be put there. Why not create the bedroom there?

Fold clothing instead of hanging from rods. Use shelves put above the bed can be used to increase how stylish the room is by adding clothes there. Shelves can easily hold many clothes.

A Murphy bed is a great option when storage is a priority for you since the bed can fold up whenever not used. During the day you have space in your home and you do not have to stand on top of the bed to gain access to clothing.

Use Vertical Studio Apartment Furniture

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Floor space is not the only thing that should be considered in a home, especially in a studio apartment. Wall space is very important. When you draw the eye towards the ceiling, space appears to be bigger.

You can always use bookcases in studio apartments for extra storage. Alternatively, use some attractive shelves and boxes to store the items you do not want to have displayed.

Consider The Loft Bed

DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase with Metal Frame
DHP Studio Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase with Metal Frame – Available on Amazon

Most studio apartments have limited floor space but ceilings are high. Due to this, adding a loft bed is something to take into account.

The loft bed is put at a higher level than the floor so you end up with storage space right under it. Use that space to store many different items. In fact, under the bed, you can also create a home office, seating space or a place where you can react. The loft bed even makes the bedroom more private.

Keep in mind that loft beds are also referred to as platform beds. Add staircases to them to allow easy access. If floor space is a priority for you, the loft bed truly is a great choice.

Remove Closet Walls

Open-Space Studio apartment
Open-Space Studio apartment featured on Homedit

When the studio apartment features closed walls or closed passages, remove them to make the entire space appear to be larger. If closets are used for storage, do not hide the areas behind walls.

Take down walls to gain truer visual space. Alternatively, add some custom furniture to make the entire space as unique as possible. The closet space in a studio apartment should be unique and by removing the closet walls you end up with beautiful interior design.

Some Other Studio Apartment Furniture Options To Consider:

  • A beautiful desk that can fold back into a wall if not used.
  • A bookshelf that is combined with a chair for a reading corner.
  • A convertible sofa or a day bed to give you space to both lounge and sleep.
  • A hidden wall bed to increase available floor space.
  • A kitchen island that can also be used as a table.
  • Chairs that can be removed when not being used.
  • Ottomans for extra storage.