Eclectic Living Room Design Inspiration

Eclectic style home decor can be an expressive way of showing your unique sense of style in the home, yet requires careful execution in order to avoid going overboard with too many styles and looks.

Decorilla designers have provided some inspiring design inspirations for an eclectic living room to help make it feel cohesive and curated.


The eclectic design relies on an eclectic combination of styles, colors, and textures, but to ensure your room remains cohesive rather than disjointed it’s essential that a base color palette be established prior to adding elements that fall under this category. This way you ensure it remains visually cohesive rather than disjointed.

Neutral color schemes provide the space needed for creativity. Choose a light to medium hue that appeals to you, pairing it with darker or lighter furniture finishes for an attractive yet balanced appearance.

Bold colors work great in an eclectic living room, but it is essential that they be balanced out by more neutral tones in order to maintain visual harmony. Add pops of color through wall art, fireplace designs, or an eye-catching area rug.

Earth tones such as blues, greens, and browns work beautifully within an eclectic design style. According to experts, earth tones help promote relaxation and grounding as well as connect people to nature. Use earth-tone fabrics in your living room such as curtains with patterns or natural wood furniture such as chairs or sofas. Don’t forget the jute rug as a statement piece!


Eclectic furniture style involves juxtaposing various styles to form a harmonious collection. But that doesn’t mean your room should look chaotic; find one characteristic that brings them all together, such as color or simple layout, that unifies them all and achieves harmony.

Patterns add visual intrigue and are an ideal way to give any living space visual interest. Geometric shapes, fleur-de-lis designs, and polka dots work well together as eye-catching displays without being overbearing.

Mixing textures can add depth and character to an eclectic room design. Combining smooth surfaces like marble accents or pebbled area rugs with rougher and nubbier textures such as natural wood grains or wool fabrics creates depth and character in any layered design.


The eclectic decor features an eclectic mixture of styles and textures to create an intriguing, cultivated appearance. For instance, this eclectic living room design showcases this concept through storage baskets, floor plants, crocheted throw pillows, crocheted throw rugs, and textures like marble accents on area rugs that contrast nicely with smooth wood furniture. Textures also add character – with smooth marble touches complementing pebbled textures on area rugs that provide interesting contrasts against smooth wooden furniture pieces.

Failing to do so could make for an eccentric living room design. A tufted ottoman with an embroidered pattern may seem out of place in a traditional living room but could make sense in an eclectic design that blends traditional, mod, industrial, and glam styles. Be mindful when adding statement pieces that may dominate the space; be sure to balance their presence with more subdued furnishings like this woven lounge chair and sleek low-slung coffee table from this eclectic space, complete with drum table lamps and an eye-catching accent wall!


Your decor choices will have a major effect on the appeal of an eclectic living room. Look for pieces with similar hues or styles so as to achieve design harmony despite any disparate pieces; something as simple as creating a gallery wall with similar frames and photos can instantly bring all the various styles of decor together in the room.

Opting for one show-stopping piece of furniture or art can help bring together an eclectic living room. Keep the rest of the space simple and low-key so the focus piece receives all of its due recognition.

Instead of overcrowding a small room with too many different furniture types that may create chaos and feel overwhelming, consider innovative layouts with creative storage solutions and layer accents to open up the space – woven baskets or large indoor plants may serve as suitable replacements for extra chairs in small living rooms.