How to Design a Bathroom With Natural Light in Mind

Natural lighting adds cost-effective, energy-saving lighting that boosts mood in any bathroom design. There are various creative ways you can add it into a renovation process, starting by clearing away obstacles that block it.

Consider installing windows that add character and style to your home, such as bay windows. Sheer curtains and light-hued draperies can provide privacy without blocking out sunlight from entering.


Light from windows illuminates a bathroom without invading privacy, provided proper layers are used – for instance, a fixture above the vanity and another for tub and shower areas should help create an atmosphere without overwhelming either cabinetry or mirror sizes.

Consider positioning the tub near a window so you can enjoy natural light and stunning scenery while relaxing in your bathtub. This design also allows you to reap all the advantages associated with bathing outdoors – including improving mood and skincare regimen.

If windows aren’t an option, consider skylights instead. They’re simple to install on flat roofs but more challenging when dealing with sloped ceilings; nevertheless, there are ways to duct sunlight directly from your roof into your bathroom and create stunning effects!


Skylights can provide natural bathroom lighting if windows are unavailable, providing bright angled light that makes rooms seem larger and brighter – perfect for bathrooms with textured ceilings or other unique wall features.

To increase the brightness of your skylight, consider adding window coverings that let in light while providing privacy and an aesthetic. Sheer curtains or blinds work particularly well around bathtubs as they allow sunlight in while still offering privacy when needed. A half-blind also works well to let in light but provides privacy when needed at the flick of a switch.

Mirrors can help create the same effect of natural lighting in windowless bathrooms by reflecting its effect. Mirrors reflect light back outward and make rooms seem larger; adding texture with wall coverings like brick can also increase brightness levels by reflecting it back. Finally, layering lights around vanity and tub/shower areas is another great way to increase illumination levels in these spaces.


While bathroom lighting may seem like an afterthought, a well-designed space requires task and ambient illumination for a functional experience. One great way to achieve this goal is through windows and natural light–an economical source that complements design aesthetics while improving mood.

Mirror styles that reflect sunlight around your bathroom will help bring extra illumination into the space. Frameless options offer sleek symmetry, which works with various aesthetics including contemporary, traditional and farmhouse-inspired. To elevate this look further, paint the frame’s color to match that of your vanity and molding for a seamless appearance.

If your bath design features an eye-catching window, hanging mirrors on the wall above it may create an elegant yet spacious aesthetic. Try hanging hexagonal mirrors for added drama – they make an eye-catching accent against any wall! Plus you could illuminate them with LEDs for even greater visual impact!

Bay Windows

Bay windows can add natural light and frame the view beautifully in your bathroom, so don’t be shy about using it to your advantage! Don’t shy away from it; take full advantage of what it can bring.

Even without windows in your bathroom, natural lighting can still play an integral part of the design. Consider installing wall fixtures that replicate sunlight streaming in through windows as another method for adding natural illumination to your design scheme.

Addition of plants or nature-inspired decor can also create the feeling of natural lighting in your bathroom, but be careful to select plants which thrive without direct sunlight, and keep the room clean as soap residue may block some light, making your bathroom seem darker than it really is.