Tips To Design A Perfect Home Office

Having a home office is needed by more and more people as remote work opportunities grow in both availability and popularity. You can have a home office in a small bedroom, a room corner, an annex and practically in any part of your home. In all cases, you want the office to be perfect. With this in mind, here are some really important tips that will help you create a home office design that is both practical and beautiful at the same time.

The Most Important Thing To Consider: Location

Home office placed in front of a window.

As already mentioned, you can have the home office in various parts of your home so they can be of different sizes and shapes. It is very important that you select an appropriate home office place as you need to realize where work will be done. This decision is based on many different things. Most of them are personal. For instance, if you are a mom and you are really busy, the kitchen desk area might be a truly ideal location. If you are a remote professional, the space that you choose needs to be as away as possible from distractions and daily activities.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

You always need to have enough available space to work as comfortably as possible. Be sure that enough movement space is available. Sit down, then sit back and stand up. Move in and out of the home desk to see if you have enough space. Lay out your home office desk just like the professional designers lay out an office workstation. This means you need a width of at least 150 cm and a depth of at least 210 cm.

Choose A Quality Chair And Desk

You want to choose a really good chair and desk for the home office. This should never be compromised. The desk needs to hold the computer and everything else that is needed to do work. For instance, it may need to hold reference material, an in-tray or the space needed to take notes when needed. The desk is normally at least 120 cm wide.


Obviously, there are situations in which you just need a laptop on your desk. If this is the case, a smaller desk can do the trick. However, if you can, invest in one that has an adjustable height.

Don’t Forget About Storage

When storage is not considered, you end up storing many items on the floor or on the desk.

Most home office designs overlook storage. This can drastically affect productivity. You need to be sure that you include enough filing cabinets, cupboards and shelving for the storage needs you will have. The work that is done right now has to be effective so the items needed for it should be at arm’s reach. Filing systems have to be close to you and you do not want to forget about reference materials. If you need them, keep them close.

Get As Much Natural Light As Possible

Desk corner light used when natural light is not available.

In a home office, unless you do most of your work during the night, natural light is highly appreciated. Even during the night, proper lighting is simply critical. Whenever possible, try to choose a spot that has natural light. The desk can be positioned to face your window or somewhere that the screen of your computer does not end up affected. Glare can be reduced with translucent window blinds or shades. Natural light should be enhanced with careful placements of windows.

The general lighting you need can be given by the overhead ceiling light. A similar effect is possible with open-top floor lamps that are placed in corners. Desk lights have to be added to give you task lighting. In the event that you do not have a window or do not like being positioned towards it, the desk can be positioned to face your door. Alternatively, go for a position towards artwork you like. Basically, you want to be sure that your eyes can have a good place to rest when you take your eyes from your screen.