Home Upgrades People Overlook But You Should Not

Nowadays, there are countless home upgrades that you can take into account. Most will focus on the luxury additions like a whirlpool or similar, but some that are really beneficial are highly overlooked. This is what we want to focus on.

Below you can find some home upgrades that are not at all difficult to add and that can only be described as being worth it. Consider them to instantly add some style and even increase home value as interested buyers would actually love them.

Adding Dimmers

Image from: Times of Oman

Adding dimmers is so easy. This home upgrade is also pretty cheap while being able to instantly change room atmosphere. If you do not like your overhead lighting because it is too strong, a dimmer can make everything a lot better. Installation is really quick and you can even combine dimmers these days with smart home technology if you have the budget for it.

Finished Basements

Image From: Restoration Eze

Most home basements from all around the world are not finished. This is because such space is often used for storage purposes. While you can keep things like they are in the event that you do not have other storage space to use and cannot throw items away, finishing the basement can practically transform the entire home.

If you can, a great thing to do is to create vignettes and section off different spaces, similarly to how you do on first floor. The entire space becomes functional and you will soon find yourself spending some time in the basement. It is a shame not to use this space in a home. Build your mancave or an entertainment room.

Adding An Upstairs Laundry Room

Image From: Sarah Sherman Samuel

In many homes, the dedicated laundry room is seen as being a luxury. Why not take things further and add another laundry room near the bedrooms? This makes it so much easier and faster when you want to do laundry. You no longer need to go down or up the stairs while carrying around a large laundry basket. Just think about that.

Heated Floors

Image From: SunTouch

You need to experience heated floors in order to fully understand how great this can be. While most people wear slippers, you can have much more comfort. Your feet will be warm in the morning. Many homeowners see this as a splurge because the investment can be pretty serious. However, once you live in a home with heated floors, you will surely want this amenity everywhere you go.

What should be added is that heated floors are actually pretty energy efficient over the long run. They are much better than forced-air or baseboard heating systems. Heating costs will be lower so you end up saving money after the initial investment.

Double Sinks In Bathrooms

Image From: Pinterest

This is quite beneficial in the event you share bathrooms with someone. Adding a double sink is usually something that is reserved for the kitchen but it can be a really good idea in many bathrooms. You get to save a lot of time while convenience is automatically increased. Similarly to the heated floors, you will find it really hard to get back to a single sink.

A Mudroom

Image From: BRIO Interior Design

Chances are you have no idea what a mudroom is. Once people do, they usually love the idea. A mudroom is an area of the home that is designed to get dirty. As you work in your garden, get home from the gym or you shovel snow, as you get home you get a place where dirty gear can be removed and then put right into the washing machine. The rest of the home remains clean. When you can create a mudroom that is easily accessible from your garage, it is perfect. Add jacket hooks, storage and a sink.