House On An Island by Atelier Oslo

When it comes to doing work on small houses, especially in remote areas, Atelier Oslo is definitely an expert architecture firm. This “House On An Island” project proves it. Built in 2018 and having an area of just 70 square meters, the house is placed on a site filled with curved and smooth rocks, on a Norway south coast island. The owners of the house are 2 artists. Their desire was to have a place where they can work and contemplate.

The house can be entered from the back, after a small hill walk. Entrance is a stair going through the building, leading towards the front side entrance.


Site topography played a huge impact on the project. Everything had to be properly measured so that rocks can actually be integrated. There are concrete floors at various levels connecting to main topography levels, creating numerous outdoor spaces. Stairs and concrete floors dissolve both outside and inside, creating unity. Practically, the interior of this house is now a part of the landscape. As you walk through it you get an interesting experience, in part offered by architecture elements and how the rooms were created.

As you can see from the images, there is a timber structure present. It is placed on concrete floors and covers the entire cabin so that views are directed and light is filtered. A depth is created through shadow play, with calmness instantly standing out as you are inside.

Last but not least, there is an annex, a small one, creating a fence structure towards the neighbor and an outdoor space. Kebony is the wood of choice, being heat-treated. It will eventually become grey and will require zero maintenance.

Images: Ivar Kvaal, Charlotte Thiis, Nils Vik