Smart Organization Hacks for Kitchen Cabinets

Cluttered kitchen cabinets can be an administrative nightmare to keep organized, but with these simple hacks you can create an efficient space in which it’s much simpler and quicker to work.

Upgrade your utensil drawer by customizing its dividers to meet the shape of each container, or by adding long baskets that can tuck away snacks like chips in deep spaces.

Organize Your Junk Drawer

Nearly every home contains a junk drawer – an unorganized collection of birthday candles, tape measures, band-aids and any other random kitchen utensil or gift bag that may or may not belong there. When it comes to organizing this drawer properly it doesn’t mean throwing everything away but instead involves being selective about which items go in or stay out.

Beginning by emptying out your drawer and sorting through its contents into two piles: purposeful items we reach for frequently; and things that could find a better home elsewhere (think post-it notes in your office or tape measures in your tool box?). Next, use modular drawer organizers to keep everything categorized and tidy – and don’t forget labels!

Label Your Containers

Labeling items helps keep track of what belongs where and helps quickly locate what you need. Labels provide an effective kitchen organization hack to easily keep track of items and quickly locate what you’re searching for.

With a label maker, creating customized food storage labels has never been simpler! Dividers in your pantry allow you to organize similar foods together; or place a wall-mount file holder inside cabinets as a quick and easy way of holding onto miscellaneous lids so they’re never lost again.

Switch out fixed cabinet shelves for sliding ones to make items in the back easier to see and reach, or add shallow lips to cabinets as a convenient place for hanging cleaning supplies like duster, broom, or lint roller.

Create a Family Command Center

Today’s families are busier than ever before. From extracurricular activities and homework to school projects and family duties to household tasks, the daily schedule can become overwhelming quickly. Unfortunately, time may never allow enough for us to keep up.

Establish a family command center in one of your kitchen cabinets so everyone is on the same page regarding schedules and responsibilities. Utilize dry erase, chalk or magnet boards as communication boards to share key information such as weekly menus, bills to be paid off or appointment reminders on a wall calendar.

Make sure that everyone in the household is involved and invested in this project so they’ll feel ownership over it and can benefit from keeping an updated family command center! Doing this can improve communication and decrease stress in the entire home!

Organize Your Garbage Bin

Hiding your trash can in kitchen cabinets is an efficient and discreet way to conceal the mess and smells associated with food prep, opening packages, and miscellaneous debris. If your cabinet is large enough, tucking an additional recycling bin inside will further improve efficiency while decreasing clutter. Instead of stuffing trash and recycling bins into closets where they may look disorganized and create unpleasant odors, invest in a pull-out system which allows for efficient sorting, collection, and disposal directly into container. You can shop online or locally to suit home and budget constraints.

Hang Your Cleaning Supplies

Rather than stuff your under sink cabinet with spray bottles and vacuum hoses that you never end up using, store everything on low-profile hooks instead. A tension rod will prevent supplies such as wet towels or mop pads from shifting around during storage so they are easy to access when necessary.

File folders can do more than organize office papers; they’re also an effective way of clearing away kitchen cabinet clutter. Simply use file folders to corral items that regularly block your sink and move frequently-used ones towards the front for convenient organization.

Not to be left without space: Make use of narrow and deep cabinet spaces by employing long baskets to store snack foods like chips. Or retrofit your pantry with inexpensive dividers so as to easily organize smaller appliances and kitchen supplies so as to never have to search through full cabinets to locate what you need!